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PHOENIX -- She was the inspiration for the TV show "Medium," which starred Patricia Arquette and ran for six years, first on NBC, and then on CBS. Allison DuBois is a well-known medium who has used her psychic abilities to help solve crimes. The Phoenix native is also an author and she has a new book out -- her first in three years -- called "Talk To Me."

DuBois stopped by 3TV Friday morning to chat with Tara Hithcock about the book and the seminar she's hosting Saturday at the Phoenix Airport Marriot. Part of the book is meant to teach people how to bring out the psychic abilities DuBois believes everyone -- at least to some degree -- possesses.

"The biggest hurdle that adults have to get over is that we get so pragmatic that we override what we feel with what we think," she explained. "People need to get past that. "If you're hearing your mom's voice or your dad's voice in your mind, it's not your imagination. They're trying to talk to you. Imagine how frustrating it is to them to be kind of stonewalled .... You can hear the tone of their voices." DuBois’ 2011 "Talk to Me" Seminar Series takes place tomorrow at the Phoenix Airport Marriott, 1101 N. 44th St., Phoenix. For more information or to order tickets, visit



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