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So I'll admit, I just got into Medium a couple of months ago, therefore I've only been able to catch up watching re-runs and what not. I thought I was pretty good about watching the Friday night re-runs, but I think I missed one two weeks ago (at least I'm assuming my question was answered in that episode).

In this past Friday's episode "Who's That Girl" (Season 6, Episode 2), Allison has a cane and for most of the episode is holding her (right?) arm to her chest, almost as if she had had a stroke. I was just curious if any of this was explained in a previous episode. (Essentially, my question is: What happened?)
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Alrighty, then: Here are a List of Tags for the Community to use should they post any new information or fandom related material as the Falls rolls towards us. Please, Please, remember to use them. It would be an absolute waste if you didn't after all the hard work I went through to create these things. Also, be on the look out for a possible change in layout (from S1 to S2).

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Seasonal/Episode Tags:
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I don't know if this is allowed here, so if it isn't, just delete it =)

I was searching for a site, where I can watch episodes of Medium online (because here they are showing re-runs all the time). So, does someone know a cool and slow-internet friendly site?
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Interesting article published in the online edition of the LA Times today: Little-heralded 'Medium gives NBC a boost in the ratings.

 As I only discovered Medium at the end of last year when they aired season four in the United Kingdom,  I've yet to see season two and three. . They're quite cheap on the internet right now and with my birthday coming up, I was wondering whether to splurge and buy them rather than wait for my online dvd rental service or on the off-chance the BBC might show them again after they finish reairing season one. However, the region two ones come without extras so I would love to hear personal thoughts on the region one dvds, specificially the extras

I haven't actually got a multi-region dvd player yet either but with no chance of my favourite series ever coming to region two, I've been thinking about it in the long-term or switching my laptop to region one. Buying the region one dvds would make it considerably more expensive and I wouldn't be to purchase the first three seasons in one go. I've found a website that tells you about the extras on the season one and three dvds, but I still need to be convinced that the extras alone are worth it.. Thanks.  :)


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One day I was buzzing around online and came across Mediumdreams.com and I started skimming through the articles they had about the Fifth Season of MEDIUM... and the possibility that it would be returning before 2009 (now debunked by E! Online?). Naturally, I got excited and coupled with a reviewing of a chopped up Dawn of the Dead (2004) on the Sci-Fi Channel, I grabbed up my VHS Collection and started transferring the First, Second and Third Seasons of MEDIUM onto my DVD-Rs. I forgot how incredible that show is! Right down to the characters, performances, and the writing, I just can't get enough of Medium... or Jake Weber for that matter (I think he might've killed my crush on Kurt Russell). Is anyone else re-watching Medium (be it on VHS, DVD, or LIFETIME)?

Original Post.
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Hi! I'm new to this comm., but have been watching Medium since the beginning. Rewatching Season 2 lately courtesy of Netflix, it got me more intrigued by Det. Scanlon and the fact there is so little about him information wise (the character not the actor). He doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.

So, I'm curious, what do we know about Det. Scanlon?

I've determined a few things based on episodes:
I don't think he's ever been married
He's a recovering drug addict

And I admit I kind of lost where his relationship was at the end of S3? Was it still ongoing or had it ended? It seemed a while ago like they were going to end it and then in the season finale she was with him again in his car, answering his cell phone.

Thanks, and I look forward to discussing the new season with you! Yay, Season 4. NBC made me very happy picking up not just this but Friday Night Lights for Season 2.
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Hi! :D
New to this community! Hello everyone o/ *shakes hands*
Sorry to bother yo, but would you guys mind posting some joe&allison pictures? there are so many out there, i've seen them in videos and avatars, but as hard as i look, i dont seem to find them anywhere. also, any fansites you'd recommend???

please please please!
i'm kinda desperate, given my current state of obsession.

Tahnks yo! :D
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I know this is slightly random, but...

After seeing the Medium trailer tonight, I fell in LOVE with the background at the end. It's actually perfect for an art project I'm doing in my art class right now, but I need a pretty good picture of it first. And This Picture )this is the only one I could manage to find. As you can see, it's pretty crummy as far as quality goes. Does anyone have a better screencap? I would be forever grateful!

Much Love,


Jan. 15th, 2007 06:39 pm
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Hey just joined its awesome to see so many fans of the show not many people I know like it, its my favorite show! Cannot wait till Wednesday for the new episode i was not a fan of the rerun with her unborn son. In case anyone missed any passed Medium episodes there's a DailyMotion group here that has all Medium episodes up to this point!

Intro Post

May. 22nd, 2006 11:09 pm
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I'm a little ashamed that I didn't join this community sooner. I've watched this show faithfully since the middle of the first season. I love Allison so much and her relationship with her husband, her kids, and her collegues.

Tonight's amazing episode prompted me to seek out others who freaked out as I did much about it. I won't write anything more on the episode 'cause I'm too lazy to put a lj-cut in.

Ok, I admit, I have a tiny ulterior motive for posting.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a link to download this episode?





Feb. 19th, 2006 11:43 am
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Hi everyone! I'm brand new here and just wanted to say hi. :)
Basically, I fell in love with Medium just this last month. I've never seen the show before and by accident caught an episode. I think there was immideate love. The chemistry, the dialogue - the family. That's what makes this unique or nearly anyway. :)
Of course, it doesn't hurt that you have two incredibly talented actors: Patricia Arquette and Joe Weber who are just simply brilliant. :)
And the kids. Especially Bridget who is becoming my all time fave kid EVER! I love her little grumpy face.

Anyway, I've only seen about 4 eps or something and I live in Sweden, so no chance of getting these on a rerun anywhere.

I hesitate to ask but feel that it's life or death for me. ;)
DOes anyone know where to get the eps from the start of the show? I would love to see them.

--cheers, Jennix

New Member

Jan. 16th, 2006 05:03 pm
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Hi. My name is Diana and I'm a new member to this community. I think this show absolutely rocks! I love everything about it. I can't wait to get my weekly dose of Medium even though there are occasional repeats. Also, I've been reading Allison Dubois's book titled Don't Kiss Them Good Bye, it's very interesting, you should check it out if you ever need something good to read. It gives a broader view of the actual characters portrayed on the show. That guy that plays Joe, MY GOD!, he's HOT!! Also, Patricia Arquette, every time I look at her, I can't help but be reminded of Stigmata, it gives me chills. :P But, I love her none the less. Speaking of Stigmata, I had a dream the other night that I was experiencing some of the effects of stigmata, good thing it was just a dream. *wipes brow* Next thing I know, I woke up screaming. I think I had that dream bc, I was talking about the actual movie to my husband.

Well, anyways, that's my introduction. :D Everyone have a great day!
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Hey everybody I'm new here. I just wanted to say hi and that I love the show and Patricia Arquette.

I heard that they will be releasing a dvd set of it sometime early next year! I cant wait! especially since I missed all of the first season, I just recently got interested in it at the beginning of the second season.

Anyway just wanted to say hi dont be shy to talk to me im a nice guy :)


May. 9th, 2005 02:06 pm
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Hi there! I'm a new member, have been a fan of the show since the begining. This show has held a special part in my heart for some reasons which I prefer not to divuldge at this time.

I have Allison's book and it's abolutely fabulous. I'm so intreigued by it and completely into it.

I look forward to discussing this show with everyone and I'm looking forward to tonight's episode. The psychologist in me is excited about this one.
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Anyone know if this show got canceled? Or is it just on hiatus?
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I'm new to this community. I've been a Patricia Arquette fan ever since True Romance, and I am so happy to see her on her very own hit TV series.

I just love Medium, and I've made a few icons--

Medium Icons

Please comment before taking. Thanks :)


Mar. 16th, 2005 02:09 pm
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Hey! I'm Danielle, a Patricia fan from Brazil, I've been a fan of the Arquette clan for many years. (David and Courteney are my favorites. :p )

I bring you caps I took of the first two episodes, I intend to take caps of all of them so that I can use them for graphics, feel free to use them if you like. :)

Caps behind the cut )


Mar. 14th, 2005 09:56 pm
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Tonight's episode was the best one yet
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I'm loving the new layout. So pretty.

So, who can't wait for monday? Who wants more medium? Who already has their VCR's programmed? (Or for the privileged, Tivo)

...I can't hear youuuuu!!!!!!

Say it with me..

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I love this show. I'm sad that the show has such a small following on Livejournal but a HUGE demographic on Monday nights. IF you want an icon, please give me a url to an image. Please have it be the DIRECT link to the picture.


PS: IT HAS TO DO WITH MEDIUM. Preferrbly a screencap FROM the show ;)


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