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WITH the next season in production and on it's way next month, this inquiring Moderator wants to know: What was your favorite past season of MEDIUM and why? What was it about that particular season that you really enjoyed?

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So I'll admit, I just got into Medium a couple of months ago, therefore I've only been able to catch up watching re-runs and what not. I thought I was pretty good about watching the Friday night re-runs, but I think I missed one two weeks ago (at least I'm assuming my question was answered in that episode).

In this past Friday's episode "Who's That Girl" (Season 6, Episode 2), Allison has a cane and for most of the episode is holding her (right?) arm to her chest, almost as if she had had a stroke. I was just curious if any of this was explained in a previous episode. (Essentially, my question is: What happened?)
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Anyone who makes the rounds on LiveJournal or participates in Graphics challenges are bound to have heard of the "20in20" Icon communities (example: [ profile] celeb20in20), in which Icon makes partake in a monthly challenge for a fandom or something else, where they have to make twenty Icons in the span of twenty days with different themes, alternates, and a "artists" choice. What would everyone here think of a "20in20" Community for MEDIUM?

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Alrighty, then: Here are a List of Tags for the Community to use should they post any new information or fandom related material as the Falls rolls towards us. Please, Please, remember to use them. It would be an absolute waste if you didn't after all the hard work I went through to create these things. Also, be on the look out for a possible change in layout (from S1 to S2).

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Given that Medium Fanfiction Community [ profile] what_she_saw covers the FanFiction Challenges pretty good, I was wondering whether or not if anyone would actually particpate on a community dedicated to an 50/100 Icon Challenge for the series? I'm honestly a tad shaky on the details how the challenge works, I'm still working my way through the Techno-Babble that are "FAQs" and "Claims/Wating" Lists (my brain officially hurts from it all, but I'll live), but it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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So I'm in the middle of watching this episode, Coded, right now (via my Computer), I'm like 32:31 minutes into it and I just realized something. Aside from noticing she was highly tempermental in S1 (more so than she in the latter seasons), what may seem completely avoidable and problem-solved without incident to me, Allison appears to think there is no other choice in going about it. I'm just realizing, throughout the series, she really has troubling keeping promises to anyone she knows (with the exception of Mrs. Dubois) for long, especially to her husband and no, I'm not saying this because of certian favortism towards Joe.

When Devalos and Scanlon ask for the possible area where younger brother's, Daryl, older brother, Henry, might be hiding and keeping young Sarah, Allison doesn't think to ask her daughter to give her a detailed description of the place she dreams Sarah is trying to escape from (the "rural area"/forest), instead she has Ariel explain it for her to Det. Scanlon and I'm wondering why? The simpler thing to do would've been the aformentioned suggestion, she didn't necessarily have to put her daughter in the middle of the investigation at all, even for a short time.

Its a nit-pick, but its just one of those things that bothered me.
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Margo Martindale.

Okay, you guys remember the Psychic Allison goes to see in the Season One Episodes, "Pilot", "Sickness and Adultery", and one last time in "Blood Relation" (Season 3)? Well, for the longest time I wondered what her name was given that she wasn't refered to by Allison or anyone else, by name. I checked Margo Martindale's profile and they credited her as "Catherine". Is this the character's actual name (that I suspect showed up during the credits, when you watch the DVDs) or something someone just jotted down so they didn't have to call her "The Psychic/Medium"?

In other news: I just realized she was one of the nurses (or whatever their called) in rehab movie, 28 Days (2000) with Sandra Bullock. Oh, and did anyone think the character Missouri Moseley (Loretta Devine) from the S1 Supernatural Episode "Home" was an unconscious response to "Catherine" in Medium, despite the subject matter both shows tend be delving in?
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Okay, I'm not exactly sure if this is allowed, if it isn't please, by all means, remove it.

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Anyone read anything new about when the show is supposed to come back????
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Was last night's episode a rerun? I seem to remember seeing Marie in glasses before. Or am I imagining it?
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I was REALLY happy when the new season started at the beginning of January. I even forgave them skipping their 3rd ep which was weird (since they advertised it and didn't show it). But week after week of nothing but "American Gladiators" and "Deal or No Deal"?

What gives? Does anyone know?

Is this because of the strike? Did they really only get 4 episodes in the can before the strike hit?!

Because I've been watching to see if it switched nights too and I haven't been seeing it playing on any other night during the week either. It's still on Mondays, right?

So again I ask, WHAT gives?! Anyone?
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Hi! I'm new to this comm., but have been watching Medium since the beginning. Rewatching Season 2 lately courtesy of Netflix, it got me more intrigued by Det. Scanlon and the fact there is so little about him information wise (the character not the actor). He doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.

So, I'm curious, what do we know about Det. Scanlon?

I've determined a few things based on episodes:
I don't think he's ever been married
He's a recovering drug addict

And I admit I kind of lost where his relationship was at the end of S3? Was it still ongoing or had it ended? It seemed a while ago like they were going to end it and then in the season finale she was with him again in his car, answering his cell phone.

Thanks, and I look forward to discussing the new season with you! Yay, Season 4. NBC made me very happy picking up not just this but Friday Night Lights for Season 2.
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As long as I've been watching this show, I still can't fathom why the bedroom telephone is on JOE'S side...hasn't the man yet figured out that any middle-of-the-night calls are not likely to be engineering crises? :-0

Also...I'm sure that Det. Scanlan makes oodles of money, pulling all-nighters and throwing himself in the face of danger on a daily basis. So why is it he's constantly wearing that one gray suit?

Any of you guys noticed some "imponderables"? Fire away!
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For some reason I NEVER noticed this before. But last night as I was watching the last episode of Medium on-line at I noticed something in the end credits I'd never seen before. Allison Dubois is a consultant for the show. O_o

You mean there's a REAL Allison Dubois?! Did anyone else know this? Who is she? Is she LIKE the character on the tv show? Does this mean that the characters I love so much are based on reality in some way, shape or form?

Someone PLEASE illuminate me!


Mar. 31st, 2007 09:54 pm
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I hope this is allowed.
I ask for help from all American Medium fans :) Hear me out, dudes.
If you have the 1st season DVD box set, could any of you rip the 5th DVD, that is available only for the American public?
I've always thought it was so strange looking at screencaps in the webbie and seeing 'gag reel' and funny caps, but then I find out about this. So unfair!!!! D:
in fact, it would be too awesome if instead of simply uploading it, putting it in youtube so not only people from this community can have access, but anyone anywhere else! This would also help to promote the show :D And of course it would make a whole lot of ppl very happy! :D *me included, mainly*

like... please?? :D :D :D


Fan Fic?

Mar. 13th, 2007 06:50 pm
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Does anyone know of a fan fic community on LJ for Medium?
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Hi! :D
New to this community! Hello everyone o/ *shakes hands*
Sorry to bother yo, but would you guys mind posting some joe&allison pictures? there are so many out there, i've seen them in videos and avatars, but as hard as i look, i dont seem to find them anywhere. also, any fansites you'd recommend???

please please please!
i'm kinda desperate, given my current state of obsession.

Tahnks yo! :D
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Hi, I'm new to the comm. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of the song that was playing in tonight's "Boy Next Door" episode. I know I've heard it before and it's driving me crazy that I can't figure it out. Help, please.

eta: Found it. If anyone else is interested it's "Sewn" by The Feeling. Played at the beginning and end of the episode.

7/7 episode

Feb. 8th, 2007 02:09 am
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I attempted to tape this and didn't get it (I forgot to turn off the vcr!) does anyone know if Medium is on any other station that might show this... or if there is a website that plays episodes? I know if you miss something on ABC you can watch it online.

I love this show and I am afraid that it is going to get bumped because NBC put it opposite Lost.

Thanks for your help,


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