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MEDIUM revolves not only around the fact that Allison Dubois (Patricia Arquette) is psychic, but that she has a family. For seven seasons, the audience has watched the Dubois daughters – sensitive Ariel, forthright Bridget and little Marie – grow up on camera. Likewise, actresses Sofia Vassilieva (Ariel), now eighteen, Maria Lark (Bridget), now thirteen, and identical twins Madison and Miranda Carabello (sharing the role of Marie), now eight, have spent a significant portion of their lives acting in the Dubois household.

The long-running MEDIUM airs its final new episode tonight on CBS. This interview was conducted while it was not known whether there would be an eighth season. Here’s what they had to say.

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The set of Medium is invaded by live pigs! Maria Lark takes you behind the scenes of tonight's episode, "Dead Meat".

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Go behind the scenes with the Dubois Family kids. Watch Medium Fridays at 9/8c only on CBS!

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Go behind the scenes with the Department Head Makeup Artist, Sheri Knight he talks about the makeup needs of the next episode of Medium.

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The ever-enthusiastic Maria Lark takes us behind the scenes of a Special Effects sequence in the new episode of MEDIUM, premiering tonight at 9:00PM.

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Happy 06/06/06, everybody! On a day when more alarmist folks would have you contemplating the dangers of getting barcode tattoos across your foreheads, I’m going a more positive route and focusing on the children. (Like many other philosophers, I believe that they are our future, after all.)

So let’s discuss: There’s terrifying-adorable Seamus ”Damien” Davey-Fitzpatrick trying to do for The Omen franchise what Christian Bale did for Batman. There’s Baby Bob getting sacked by Quiznos. (Whatever happened to his marginally successful CBS sitcom, by the by? Was it cancelled on account of creative shame? And when will we see the first of the inevitable ”Whither Baby Bob?” headlines?) There’s even a lengthy New York Times piece looking at a Hollywood apartment complex catering to families of child actors. (Egads!)

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Medium had an official 100th episode party back in August, but it looks as though the party was still going strong on Sunday night. CBS has released a few photos of Medium’s producers and a few members of the cast celebrating the big 1-0-0 at L.A. eatery STK. Executive Producer Glenn Gordon Caron was in attendance along with his wife Tina DiJoseph, who plays Lynn DiNovi on the show. Also on hand was executive producer Kelsey Grammar and his wife, Camille, along with David Stapf, president of CBS Television Studios.

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As you guys may or may not remember, the Medium Panel at PaleyFest was last night, and it featured Glenn Gordon Caron, as well as basically the entire cast. It sounds like some of you went (as well as the real Allison and Joe DuBois), so we’re definitely interested in hearing about it from you in the comments. The Paley Center Twitter account was updated last night as the panel was going on, and you can read their live Tweets here.

Here are some highlights from the Twitter stream:

Maria Lark is awesome, as usual:

“We’re not mooching on her couch like ‘Hey can we watch some pay-per-view or something.”-Maria Lark on knowing Patricia Arquette off set

Patricia Arquette discusses her first impression of Jake Weber:

“I felt a kinship with Jake when I first met him. My first impression was that he was kind of preppyish and organized.”-Patricia Arquette

I am not surprised about this at all:

Patricia Arquette admits to have actually fallen asleep in their bed occasionally. Apparently it’s VERY comfortable.

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Medium stars at the CBS TCA Party, all of them except David Cubitt. Just look at the twins! :)

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Alrighty, then: Here are a List of Tags for the Community to use should they post any new information or fandom related material as the Falls rolls towards us. Please, Please, remember to use them. It would be an absolute waste if you didn't after all the hard work I went through to create these things. Also, be on the look out for a possible change in layout (from S1 to S2).

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UNIVERSAL CITY — The girls who play Patricia Arquette's TV daughters on NBC's Medium shriek in terror and burst into tears.

The cause? Not the talking corpses or serial-killing ghosts Arquette encounters in her Emmy-winning role as seer Allison Dubois, but actors in ghoulish masks and makeup at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights.

Arquette, 38, is with the young actresses — Sofia Vassilieva, 14, (who plays daughter Ariel) and Maria Lark, 9 (Bridgette) — on the outing. (Twins Miranda and Madison Carabello, 4, who alternately play Arquette's youngest daughter, Marie, and Arquette's daughter, Harlow, 3, were deemed too young to join in.) And they are all dressed for the occasion: Arquette in a sailor uniform from her closet, Sofia in an elegant medieval princess costume she found in France, and little Maria as a battle-damaged Roman gladiator.

The close-knit cast returns for Medium's third season Nov. 15 with a two-hour opener (9 p.m. ET/PT) before the show settles into its regular 10 p.m. time slot. Arquette's real-life husband, Thomas Jane (The Punisher), guest-stars. On the Medium set, the child actresses are generally shielded from any gore. Read more... )

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I guess I watch way too much TV, since I caught this one -

Maria Lark, the (in my opinion) adorable little girl who plays Bridgette on "Medium", is in a new Hallmark Valentine's Day commercial. The commercial is for recordable greeting cards and features girls sitting around a lunch table comparing Valentines. Look for it - it's really sweet.
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Maria Lark, who plays Bridgette, will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight, be sure to check it out :)
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There are some cast photos up at for the NBC Summer Press Tour.

Maria Lark (Bridgette) was even there and her photo is so cute!


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