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Title: Friendly Faces
Prompt: None
Summary: Melinda Gordon is no stranger to ghosts, but to meet one with a connection to Allison Dubois? Well, that was another story entirely.
Author: Sakura123 ([ profile] weber_dubois22 )
Rating: G (K)
Word Count: 1736
Chapters: 1/1
Character(s): Melinda Gordon; Joe Dubois; Allison Dubois
Pairing(s): Joe/Allison
Spoilers/Warnings: Contains spoilers for series finale of MEDIUM.

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CBS has released a new promotional still for the sixth Season of MEDIUM, naturally featuring Allison Dubois.

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So I'll admit, I just got into Medium a couple of months ago, therefore I've only been able to catch up watching re-runs and what not. I thought I was pretty good about watching the Friday night re-runs, but I think I missed one two weeks ago (at least I'm assuming my question was answered in that episode).

In this past Friday's episode "Who's That Girl" (Season 6, Episode 2), Allison has a cane and for most of the episode is holding her (right?) arm to her chest, almost as if she had had a stroke. I was just curious if any of this was explained in a previous episode. (Essentially, my question is: What happened?)
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Promotional Stills for the eighteenth episode of the sixth season of MEDIUM and second and final part of "There Will Be Blood... Type A/B".

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Check out photos of the special MEDIUM wedding episode titled "Allison Rolen Got Married" Season 6 Episode 16 airing Friday March 16 at 9pm on CBS.

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Four Promotional Images from tomorrow's episode, "An Everlasting Love". Squee! I'm so excited for new Medium episodes [Snoopy Dance]!

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Title: Goodnight & Go
Summary: Wrinkles in time; moments in time for the Dubois family. 28 short stories based on the challenge prompts from the Medium Lj, [ profile] what_she_saw created by [ profile] memorysdaughter . Kinda Joe-Centric.
Prompt: #14 ("Unkown")
Author: Sakura123 (weber_dubois22)
Rating: T
Character(s): Dubois Family; Det. Scanlon, Manuel Devalos, Cynthia Keener, Sonny Troyer; etc
Spoilers: None (Unless you've never watched the series)
Word Count: Unknown

(14/28: Hear Me Out)
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[personal profile] weber_dubois22 has uploaded stills from MEDIUM's latest episode, premiering this Friday @ 9:00PM on CBS.

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[Sad Face]: hasn't updated their MEDIUM Website since last week's episode (should've noticed something when they didn't upload a promo ad for "Once in a Lifetime"), so I'll still be waiting for them to upload the Hi-Res images. In the meantime, snagged some of the promotional images from (all of which are fuzzy from obvious manipulation of the pictures resolution). On a side note, I could've sworn I'd seen Allison wear that blue shirt before.

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There was an extended scene in last week’s episode in which Allison was driving and talking to Joe on the phone. The point of the scene is that the street signs were covered in the symbols left by the Libra Killer, but all I and a lot of you were thinking was, “hang up, Allison! Hang up!”

Technically, since Allison isn’t a school bus driver, she wasn’t breaking any laws, as that is the only group for whom a cell phone ban is in place while driving in Arizona. But, come on. Not only has Allison had at least a couple of car accidents before, but the lady just had a stroke. Half of her body doesn’t completely work. Whether she should even be driving yet in the first place is debatable, but having an extended conversation with the phone up to her ear? Not the brightest idea in the world.

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CBS Has Released two more stills for MEDIUM's Halloween Special [Episode]! Click behind the cut to check them out =D.


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A Collection of Episodic Stills for the episodes "The Medium is the Message" and "Baby Fever", MEDIUM's 100th Episode. Never thought I'd say this, but there's been way too much Allison in the Episode stills as of late (needs more characters. Preferably That Rocket Scientist Hubsand of hers).

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