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The creator of "Moonlighting" and "Medium" has inked a new contract that will keep him with CBS TV Studios, reports

Glenn Gordon Caron’s deal will be for two years and worth seven figures. Despite the troublesome experience Caron had with CBS over the short-lived "Now and Again," the writer/executive producer has built a strong relationship with CBS. [SOURCE]
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PATRICIA ARQUETTE needed a clairvoyant to turn around her career in 2005 and she found just that in Allison Dubois, the humdrum housewife who solves major crimes with her dreams in the hit US series Medium. Up to then, Arquette was best-known for North-East director Tony Scott’s 1993 movie True Romance and others like Ed Wood and Disney’s Holes and her shortlived 1995 marriage to Nicolas Cage.

Now she’s an Emmy award-winning actress, who has just been commissioned to star in a seventh series of Medium, which has been treated disgracefully by the BBC (should Arquette have seen that coming?) with a scatter-gun broadcasting of the early series. Now Living is showing the latest episodes, which still command eight million viewers in the US.

“I had a feeling that women wanted to see something different. Different types of body shapes, different faces,” Arquette said of the success of Medium, which features her as a working mum with three daughters and a loving husband, Joe (Jake Weber). “She’s not some supermodel, but he’s hot for her and she’s hot for him. It’s a committed sexual marriage which you rarely see in film or TV,” is her summing up of the backstory.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY has got the details on MEDIUM's Seventh Season Premiere episode, in which a rather familiar is theme of the series is revisited once again.

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Series creator Glen Gordon Caron, Allison Dubois and her husband Joe describe how Medium began.

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An Official CBS Interview (apart of their "The Spirit of Friday Night Sweepstakes" Promotion and Website) with the cast and crew of MEDIUM on their impressions of what the real Allison Dubois (her gift and family) verses the Allison Dubois played by Patricia Arquette. Also in other news, CBS has finally gotten around to uploading the Episodic Stills of the next two episodes coming up this and next friday. Now I'm just waiting with giddy antcipation for that website to upload the images. Been so lonely without MEDIUM news.

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Medium had an official 100th episode party back in August, but it looks as though the party was still going strong on Sunday night. CBS has released a few photos of Medium’s producers and a few members of the cast celebrating the big 1-0-0 at L.A. eatery STK. Executive Producer Glenn Gordon Caron was in attendance along with his wife Tina DiJoseph, who plays Lynn DiNovi on the show. Also on hand was executive producer Kelsey Grammar and his wife, Camille, along with David Stapf, president of CBS Television Studios.

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FEAR AND LOATHING: 'Medium' has employed a variety of visual styles to establish suspense and darkness.

"One of the great things about doing a show that's set largely in the landscape of the mind or of dreams is that it presents infinite possibilities," says "Medium" creator-showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron about his 100-episode-strong series, which has a visual aesthetic that covers the intimate messiness of domestic drama, the suspenseful creep of a crime thriller and the anything-goes realm of heroine Allison Dubois's nightly visions. When he pitched the show to NBC, Caron likened the style he wanted to the tonal mix of early Jonathan Demme movies like "Something Wild."

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Some were living, some were dead, but each of these characters really got into Allison's head on "Medium." In no particular order, here are a few of creator Glenn Gordon Caron's favorite guests of the first 100 episodes:

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This year's Halloween fare full of zombies and vampires, but few laughs.

All is not lost for Halloween TV devotees and horror-show shut-ins hoping for that out-of-body Halloween TV experience. In an audacious stunt reminiscent of Halloween TV's glory years of yore, the supernatural drama Medium, starring Patricia Arquette as an idealized - and fictionalized - version of real-life psychic medium Allison DuBois, will feature a Halloween Eve episode in which Arquette will be digitally inserted into scenes from George A. Romero's horror classic Night of the Living Dead.

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TVGuide's FALL PREVIEW (which aired yesterday) covers most of the new and returning shows coming this fall. It also, I swear, contains a very brief Peek into Medium's Sixth Season (like, actual footage from the new season (Allison's hair do is a dead giveaway), or I just might be seeing things at this point) around 1:24 in the video.Check it out!

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Check out an exclusive interview with Glenn Gordon Caron, Executive Producer and creator of 'Medium.' (Also, Don't forget the CBS Fall Preview comes on tonight @ 8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT ON CBS).

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Mediumuse The producer of "Medium" has acquired the rights to use George A. Romero's classic "Night of the Living Dead" and will stage a mash-up episode inserting Patricia Arquette's character into the film. The outing will air just before Halloween. 

"I'm so excited about it because I love that movie," Arquette said. "Also I started out in horror movies with 'Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 3.'" 

But what critics at the summer press tour really want to know is: What do showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron and Patricia Arquette have to say about NBC now that "Medium" is moving to CBS?

"The CBS conversation has been going on for five years," Caron said of the switch. "[Our new lead-in] 'Ghost Whisper' is clearly a show people like. And given our history [at NBC], it's nice to follow a show people really like. Last time we were [at press tour] NBC made us walk."

Caron emphasized that he was "incredibly grateful to NBC," yet was repeatedly pressed by critics to talk about the subject and obliged with a couple more critical statements.

"CBS has already run more promos than NBC has in the whole five years," he said, drawing appreciative chuckles from CBS executives at the back of the ballroom. "For the first time in three years we're going to do 22 episodes ... there were times along the way even a couple inside NBC thought maybe if we gave the show a little more attention -- that's no great secret there. Could things have been done differently? Sure."

Caron compared the fate of his show to the buzz-heavy "Chuck," which received a last-minute pickup.

"'Chuck' is a really, really good show ... that NBC has attempted to launch twice. ... Those people have generated a tremendous amount of buzz for the show ... but that hasn't translated into ratings ... and what does that say about the show? ... We didn't create as much buzz as 'Chuck,' but we did attract more viewers." 

Had he received a longer notice about his show's fate on NBC, "We had a whole Quiznos thing set up."

Caron was also asked about the showrunner protest against the TV Academy/CBS for cutting two writing categories, and he gave a rather eloquent answer:

"A big part of success or failure is the writing that contributes to the show, so the idea of moving the writing off of the main broadcast seems short-sighted," he said. "Television is in a unique position to say these things are thought about, written, read, and when we take those things off the main broadcast it diminishes the importance of that.... This is a written medium. but it begins with a blank page. How can you have this whole procession of people picking up prizes and not have the people who are there when nothing exists?"

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TCA Press Tour: 'Medium' says Goobye to NBC and hello to CBS

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WHO: Patricia Arquette, Jake Weber, and exec producer Glenn Gordon Caron
PREDICTIONS: Lots of Qs about the move from NBC to CBS.

4:01 pm/PST: The family element will remain a “huge” part of the show, says Caron. “We’ve got a bounty of stories to tell [about the kids] growing up.”

4:03 pm: Caron thought that by ending last season with a cliff-hanger NBC would feel compelled to renew it. “We saw how well that worked out.”

4:09 pm: Caron just dissed Heroes! Asked what it’s like being paired with Ghost Whisperer on CBS, the exec says, “Given our history, it’s nice to follow a show that people really like.”

4:11 pm: Spoiler alert! When the new season starts, “Allison comes out of the coma and she’s on a different network,” Caron jokes. Now for some real scoop: He’s planning a Mischief Night episode that inserts Allison into scenes from the original Night of the Living Dead. “It’s going to be the landscape of Allison’s dreams.”

4:18 pm: “We’re not in the buzz business,” says Caron of Medium’s lack of hype. “We’re in the broadcast business.” For example, Chuck has a tremendous amount of buzz but that “hasn’t translated into people actually watching the show.” Wait a sec, he’s going after Chuck now! Be careful, buddy. That’s not going to play well with this crowd.

4:23 pm: Weber says he and Arquette immediately found it easy to “pretend that we’re married.”

4:24 pm: Caron won’t rule out a guest spot by Patricia’s bro, David. “I’ve been looking for something for him to play,” he says. “It’s my personal goal in life to work with every Arquette.”

4:27 pm: Caron can’t resist the urge to take a swipe at his former network. “CBS has already run more promos than NBC had in five years,” he says. “But I say that with love in my heart.”

4:31 pm: Arquette says she decided to do TV partly because “poor or crippled people can be entertained without having to go to the movie theater.” I think her heart was in the right place with that comment.

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Alrighty, then: Here are a List of Tags for the Community to use should they post any new information or fandom related material as the Falls rolls towards us. Please, Please, remember to use them. It would be an absolute waste if you didn't after all the hard work I went through to create these things. Also, be on the look out for a possible change in layout (from S1 to S2).

!Mod Post
!Intro Post

Seasonal/Episode Tags:
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“Medium” creator Glenn Gordon Caron is questioning NBC’s decision to stick with “Chuck,” even as the network failed to make a deal to renew his series.

Appearing on next week’s edition of KCRW’s “The Business,” Caron tells host Kim Masters that he suspects “Chuck” was picked up as a favor to Warner Bros. Television, which produces a number of shows for NBC.

“'Chuck' is a very good show, but …they’ve tried to launch it vigorously, twice. They’ve spent an enormous amount of money, and twice they’ve been unable to wrangle an audience for it. So one has to stop and say, ‘OK, now why would you elect to do that a third time?' Is it simply because people are eating subway sandwiches?” Caron suggests it’s because of NBC’s relationship with Warners.

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You would think that when a TV show moves from one network to the other that the executive producer who runs it and the star would be the first ones to know.


But that's not really how the TV business works.
It wasn't until "Medium" show runner Glenn Gordon Caron ("Moonlighting" and "Now and Again") and actress Patricia Arquette arrived in New York City on Wednesday morning, after a red-eye flight, that they were told that their 5-year-old series had been rescued by CBS. Of course, they both had heard the rumors Tuesday that CBS was interested after NBC unceremoniously dumped the show about a psychic and her family, but they had no confirmation that their show was alive.
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--Maria Elena Fernandez source here
I ♥ the last few lines. I read elsewhere Patricia had been in Cannes for the festival, seemed they were as much in the dark as us!
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A sneak preview to tonight's episode.

A direct link to the video clip if here. I can't tell if it's just my computer why the embed code isn't working, I'll fix it tomorrow if it's still white. :)

Under the cut will be a link to a very SPOILERY article. Do not click the cut if you don't want to hear sneak peeks from Glenn Gordon Caron about his plans for the remaining episodes.

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So I finally get around to watching "Medium" from Monday (my rehearsal schedule makes it impossible for me to watch any of my shows since I'm out so late) and I have one complaint only.

Patricia Arquette, writers, directors, it is totally obvious to me that you've never been to Phoenix or this part of Arizona. If you did, you'd know what's wrong with Allison's line-- "We ran naked through the middle of the Boy Scout Jamboree in Prescott."

What's wrong with it, you say?

She proncounces it "Press-cott."

It is correctly pronounced "Press-kit."

ANY native Arizonian will tell you that.

ARGH! DO YOUR RESEARCH, PLEASE! Convince me you know this place!

*blushes sheepishly* Sorry, I'm just really nitpicky about stuff like that.


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