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PHOENIX -- She was the inspiration for the TV show "Medium," which starred Patricia Arquette and ran for six years, first on NBC, and then on CBS. Allison DuBois is a well-known medium who has used her psychic abilities to help solve crimes. The Phoenix native is also an author and she has a new book out -- her first in three years -- called "Talk To Me."

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A very low quality video of the Bloopers for the Season IV DVD, which would be so much more enjoyable if the quality were better.

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More than a dozen of Hollywood’s young stars – a cast including Zac Efron, Dakota Fanning, Andrew Garfield, Vanessa Hudgens, Logan Lerman, Kristen Bell, Jon Heder, Aubrey Plaza, Zachary Levi, Sofia Vassilieva, Clark Duke, Olivia Munn, Naya Rivera, Donald Faison, Aaron Yoo and William Moseley – have joined together for a new public service campaign called “Change The Odds,” in support of Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), an initiative raising critical funds for innovative cancer research. The SU2C “Change the Odds” PSA launched online today and will be featured on the upcoming SU2C broadcast event on September 10th.

Co-directed by Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer, Untitled Spider Man Reboot) and Rich Lee and produced by Laura Ziskin and Pam Williams, the “Change The Odds” PSA calls on younger audiences to join the SU2C movement for those they love and the future of their generation.

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Now here's a rarity of a moving pictures kind. Jake Weber out and about taking photos with fans. The video itself is only a minute long (despite the 2:44 length it has on YouTube).

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Recently, we saw a video in which Rosanna Arquette interviewed her sister, Patricia Arquette, about how cancer has affected their lives. The interview was done for the charity, Stand Up To Cancer, and now, Sofia Vassilieva is working with them.

The spot was filmed recently, as Vassilieva has the short bob she’s been sporting lately. It’s only a 15-second spot, but it’s quite well-done, and it’s always nice to see celebrities, especially young ones, working with charitable organizations. You can watch the spot below:

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A Clip from the Sesame Street Episode (or segment) Patricia Arquette starred in (via She and this muppet character here are talking about how big the word "Metamorphosis" is and how much fun it is to say it. It's pretty damn cute and hillarious when Patricia ends up getting changed into a Pinguin.

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Patricia Arquette, along with several other actors including Martin Sheen and Grey’s Anatomy’s Chandra Wilson, narrate a new film called A Single Woman. A Single Woman follows the story of Jeanette Rankin, “the peace activist, co-found of the ACLU and the first woman in the United States Congress. Elected from Montana before women had the right to vote.”

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Apparently, Jake Weber wasn't the only cast member of MEDIUM to have crossed paths with the Rolling Stones. In 1995 (when Arquette was probably known for her Sexually Driven roles), Patricia Arquette starred in the music video for "Like a Rolling Stone", their cover of the Bob Dylan song, as a young woman riding the hide of life tide only to come crashing down due to a drug addiction. The video is very trippy (I got pretty dizy from watching it), but the effects were great nonetheless.

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Bite Me

If ever there were a show that was suited to having a Halloween themed episode, it’s The Munsters. But then, not far after that on the list, it’s Medium. Allison’s abilities bring their own spooky vibe to every episode, and it really does dovetail nicely with this time of year. The Medium team really went all out with “Bite Me”, doing a really convincing job of inserting Allison into George Romero’s zombie-classic, Night Of The Living Dead. As if solving a murder wasn’t a hard enough gig, try doing that while battling zombies all night.

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Patricia accepting Emmy award in the best actress in a drama category for her role as Allison DuBois on "Medium".

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Jake Weber is starring in a heartbreaking new PSA for, a group dedicated to feeding hungry children around the world. The idea behind it is that you can skip one thing in your day, even something small like your morning coffee, and donate the money you would have spent to Skip 1. From their website:

“We’re asking people like you to skip 1 thing for 1 day – a coffee, a pack of gum, that magazine at the checkout stand, a car wash, a haircut, a manicure, a cab fare – take the money you would have spent on those things and donate instead to Public donations go to the acquisition and distribution of food and water projects worldwide. It’s that simple.”

Even small donations can add up to big change if enough people get involved, and feeding hungry families is certainly a worthy cause. It’s nice to see Weber involved with an organization devoted to bringing about positive change.

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Alrighty, then: Here are a List of Tags for the Community to use should they post any new information or fandom related material as the Falls rolls towards us. Please, Please, remember to use them. It would be an absolute waste if you didn't after all the hard work I went through to create these things. Also, be on the look out for a possible change in layout (from S1 to S2).

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Found a Couple of Sofia Vassilieva Videos on YouTube, the most important one being an TVGuide interview covering the 3-Part Episode How to make a Killing in Big Business and her movie, My Sister's Keeper.

MEDIUM's Sofia Vassilieva stops by Hollywood 411 and reveals that, after 5 years on the show, her character gets to move into the spotlight. Sofia also talks about shaving her head in her new movie MY SISTER'S KEEPER with Cameron Diaz.

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It was awesome. For a moment there I was worried that the song involved (which I can't recall the name of) during Allison's dreams was going to have a bad association. I love that song. I'm also very glad that Rosanna Arquette was on, I remember Rosanna in Suddenly Seeking Susan with Madonna. Rosanna Arquette was the best thing in that movie. I'm very glad she wasn't the bad guy in this episode. Did you see that cop, Scanlon, in the elevator laughing his ass off when the guy was flirting with him? Priceless.

PS Jake Weber plays the hottest rocket scientist ever. 



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