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SCI-FI WIRE'S Description of the Season Five and Six Finales for the Supernatural/Drama's Ghost Whisperer and Medium. Nothing you don't already know if you've read the official descriptions for either series on SpoilerTV or elsewhere for that matter.

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Alrighty, then: Here are a List of Tags for the Community to use should they post any new information or fandom related material as the Falls rolls towards us. Please, Please, remember to use them. It would be an absolute waste if you didn't after all the hard work I went through to create these things. Also, be on the look out for a possible change in layout (from S1 to S2).

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Seasonal/Episode Tags:
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JUNE 1-14th, 2009: HIGHLIGHTS
Medium (6/1) 10/9c, NBC

The Dubois Family can't seem to catch a break. First, a vengeful ghost took up residence in Allison's head. Then Ariel became hooked on anti-anxiety meds. Finally, Medium, was nearly canceled ---before it was offered a last-minute reprieve on CBS' 2009 Fall Lineup. The Trouble Continues in tonight's season 5's closer---the show's last episode on NBC--- When Allison (Patricia Arquette, left) has visions that Joe and kids wind up dead. "She has a dream set in the very near future," Reveals creator-exect producer, Glenn Gordon Caron.

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Jun 2, 2009, 10:15 AM | by Michael Slezak


Three cheers for CBS! If the Eye Net hadn't picked Medium off NBC's scrap heap and given it a sixth season -- it'll be paired with Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights next fall -- then the underrated psychic detective series would've ended its run with Emmy winner Patricia Arquette's Allison Dubois unconscious and unresponsive after suffering a stroke during brain surgery. (FYI: I put in a call to CBS Paramount to find out if an alternate ending was shot, just in case last night's episode had turned out to be a series finale. Check back this afternoon for an update.)

Still, the grim final scene -- Allison lying bandaged and comatose in a hospital bed -- was in keeping with the episode's less-than-upbeat mood.

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Monday, June 1st 10/9c - "Bring Me The Head Of Oswaldo Castillo" On the season series finale on NBC, Allison dreams of a future where an unfamiliar man is comforting her after the loss of her entire family. (TV-14 V)


May. 23rd, 2006 11:27 am
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what was the song playing during the episode twice upon a played throughout the entire episode.


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I was watching Law & Order: SVU tonight. At the end of the episode, they showed a promo for Medium. I thought last week's episode with Kelsey Grammer was the season finale. There's so many finale episodes this month, its hard to keep track. :/

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So what's the deal with joe and the his dream at the begiing. the dream always has to do with the case. but this time its joe's. So was it just a bad dream or in the season premire does that mean some of his wife's ability has rubbed off on joe and something will happen to the dubois's in the season premiere


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