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A new licensing arrangement with CBS adds these classic shows to the lineup as well as some newer ones. "More and more, people want to be able to access our programming on a wide variety of platforms," says CBS President of Distribution Scott Koondel in regards to the newest licensing deal between Netflix and CBS.

The licensing arrangement brings a whole range of new content to the streaming service, including newer shows like 'Medium' and the summer hit 'Flashpoint.'  There's plenty of older content too, like 'Cheers,' 'Frasier,' and episodes from every generation of 'Star Trek.' You'll be able to catch the new CBS shows starting in early April. Make sure you check out our regular feature The Netflix Stream for all the latest on what's coming to the service.

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Jake Weber is "not interested in inviting scrutiny." But when you're the co-star of a successful TV series, that stuff happens. While he's eating lunch in a Los Angeles cafe, two young women can't resist coming over to say how much they admire his work and enjoy "Medium."

He's amused that the interruption comes just at the moment that he's talking about the "recognition aspect" of a TV star's life, which he says is "disingenuous for actors to complain about" even though he's not someone who would ever want to see details of his personal life in print.

"Medium," now in summer reruns on NBC, attracted an average 13.9 million viewers weekly in its first season. Patricia Arquette, who plays a crime-solving psychic who communicates with the dead, was nominated for an acting Emmy this month.

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I'm back on (who, judging by the complaints as of late, not only here but elsewhere there is Embeded Media from said website, seems to be upping the How much content is or isn't viewable in certain Countries), randomly searching for any new material for MEDIUM (that aren't the recent upload of episodes from S5), and to my surprise I actually found alot of great clips from certain episodes ("Ghost in the Machine", "In Sickness and Adultry" and "Be Kind, Rewind" being chief among them).

[The Badass Scene - "Be Kind, Rewind(S3)"]

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Here are a Couple of German ---I think its German the announcer is speaking--- TVSpots Promoting Ghost Whisperer and Medium Together (on a channel that is not CBS :P).

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Patricia accepting Emmy award in the best actress in a drama category for her role as Allison DuBois on "Medium".

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Starting Tuesday, September 1st, Lifetime is airing Medium starting from the pilot. They’re showing four back-to-back episodes tonight, starting at 7/6 central. After that, starting at 7:00PM, there will be two episodes each night, through Friday. After Friday, some random episodes are thrown in, with season 1 resuming on Tuesday, September 8, at 7/6 central, with four more episodes. You can view the complete schedule here.

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Alrighty, then: Here are a List of Tags for the Community to use should they post any new information or fandom related material as the Falls rolls towards us. Please, Please, remember to use them. It would be an absolute waste if you didn't after all the hard work I went through to create these things. Also, be on the look out for a possible change in layout (from S1 to S2).

!Mod Post
!Intro Post

Seasonal/Episode Tags:
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Medium: Season 6
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other: Troubles @ NBC
Other: Bridgette is annoying

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So I'm in the middle of watching this episode, Coded, right now (via my Computer), I'm like 32:31 minutes into it and I just realized something. Aside from noticing she was highly tempermental in S1 (more so than she in the latter seasons), what may seem completely avoidable and problem-solved without incident to me, Allison appears to think there is no other choice in going about it. I'm just realizing, throughout the series, she really has troubling keeping promises to anyone she knows (with the exception of Mrs. Dubois) for long, especially to her husband and no, I'm not saying this because of certian favortism towards Joe.

When Devalos and Scanlon ask for the possible area where younger brother's, Daryl, older brother, Henry, might be hiding and keeping young Sarah, Allison doesn't think to ask her daughter to give her a detailed description of the place she dreams Sarah is trying to escape from (the "rural area"/forest), instead she has Ariel explain it for her to Det. Scanlon and I'm wondering why? The simpler thing to do would've been the aformentioned suggestion, she didn't necessarily have to put her daughter in the middle of the investigation at all, even for a short time.

Its a nit-pick, but its just one of those things that bothered me.
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Margo Martindale.

Okay, you guys remember the Psychic Allison goes to see in the Season One Episodes, "Pilot", "Sickness and Adultery", and one last time in "Blood Relation" (Season 3)? Well, for the longest time I wondered what her name was given that she wasn't refered to by Allison or anyone else, by name. I checked Margo Martindale's profile and they credited her as "Catherine". Is this the character's actual name (that I suspect showed up during the credits, when you watch the DVDs) or something someone just jotted down so they didn't have to call her "The Psychic/Medium"?

In other news: I just realized she was one of the nurses (or whatever their called) in rehab movie, 28 Days (2000) with Sandra Bullock. Oh, and did anyone think the character Missouri Moseley (Loretta Devine) from the S1 Supernatural Episode "Home" was an unconscious response to "Catherine" in Medium, despite the subject matter both shows tend be delving in?
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mdium_2_img_7_h mdium_3_img_9_h
Click on Images for Hi-Resolution

Hi Res Medium Stills from Season 1 -3


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Season 1 of Medium will be out on DVD on May 30 according to :] The site also has coverart.
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I've been searching everywhere for the song "Scarletina" by Alana Gentry, which was the song featured in "Jump Start"(it's also been used a few times in other promos). Well I had no luck finding it for free, so I went to Alana's site and bought it. :P

So if anyone else would like it, I uploaded it to YSI:
Alana Gentry - "Scarletina"

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Sep. 27th, 2005 09:13 pm
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Who is the chick on the right in this picture? I've seen pretty much every episode, maybe missed one or two last season and for the life of me I don't remember this woman. If she wasn't that important to the show, why is she part of a photoshoot?



Jun. 28th, 2005 01:36 pm
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Alison: I had this weird dream
Joe: Yes, of course. On days that ends with Y.


In Alison's book, she says Joe is just as sarcastically funny as they write him on the show.
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So what's the deal with joe and the his dream at the begiing. the dream always has to do with the case. but this time its joe's. So was it just a bad dream or in the season premire does that mean some of his wife's ability has rubbed off on joe and something will happen to the dubois's in the season premiere
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I wasn't sure if critiques of the eps were allowed. I hope so ... I didn't see anything in the info about not posting them. Since I had some strong feelings about last night's show, I wanted to share. So here we go ...

In a nutshell, I had VERY mixed feelings about last night's "Medium" episode. It was a great concept but a swing and a miss as far as the execution goes.

If you haven't already decided to start chucking heavy objects at me and want to see more, check under the cut. Please note that this contains a discussion about the plot of the show so if you TIVO'ed the thing and haven't seen it yet, don't look. You have been warned.

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Well, that's my nitpicky and perhaps overly harsh critique of last night's ep. If anyone is still speaking to me after reading it, please weigh in. And if you don't like what I had to say please don't bother flaming me. I realize I'm an opinionated jerk when it comes to my shows. No one needs to tell me otherwise ;)


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