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Jake Weber seems to be keeping busy by helping out fellow Medium co-star, Patricia Arquette, with aiding the people in Haiti. There are at least two pictures posted on the tweetpic account for Jake has also recently appeared in a HONDA HYBRID commercial. There's also a pretty nifty Japanese Website for Medium's Sixth Season you should check out as well.
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April 8th, 2011 marks Patricia Arquette's fourty-third birthday. If you wish, you can send her birthday wishes at her verified twitter account @PattyArquette. Many happy returns Patricia!
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As you guys may or may not remember, the Medium Panel at PaleyFest was last night, and it featured Glenn Gordon Caron, as well as basically the entire cast. It sounds like some of you went (as well as the real Allison and Joe DuBois), so we’re definitely interested in hearing about it from you in the comments. The Paley Center Twitter account was updated last night as the panel was going on, and you can read their live Tweets here.

Here are some highlights from the Twitter stream:

Maria Lark is awesome, as usual:

“We’re not mooching on her couch like ‘Hey can we watch some pay-per-view or something.”-Maria Lark on knowing Patricia Arquette off set

Patricia Arquette discusses her first impression of Jake Weber:

“I felt a kinship with Jake when I first met him. My first impression was that he was kind of preppyish and organized.”-Patricia Arquette

I am not surprised about this at all:

Patricia Arquette admits to have actually fallen asleep in their bed occasionally. Apparently it’s VERY comfortable.

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Twitter seems to be all the rage these days (especially if Oprah throws out a random Advertisement of it on her show. Yeesh), and apparently or just some fan of Medium hath joined the newest Online Obession. I.E., Apparently MEDIUM has a Twitter Page with 58 Followers and three people just "Following" it so far. I'd join just to see how it looks, but I doubt the page is any more active than this journal or its affiliate-LJ's been (my tripple-dipple posting not counting for anything :P).

Hey there! nbcmedium is using Twitter.
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