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The 7th season of the show, starring Patricia Arquette, is coming to DVD on June 21st when CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment release Medium - The Final Season. The 4-DVD package running 563 minutes is presented in anamorphic widescreen video, with English 5.1 Stereo Surround and English subtitles. You'll also get the following list of extras, all enclosed in the packaging that is shown at bottom:

MEDIUM is the drama inspired by the real-life story of research medium Allison Dubois, an extraordinary wife and mother who, since childhood, has struggled to make sense of her dreams and visions of dead people. Dubois is a strong-willed, devoted wife and mother of three girls who has gradually come to grips with her extraordinary ability to talk to dead people, see current events and the future through her dreams and read people's thoughts.

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No Availability date yet, but is taking advance orders for the DVDs

Patricia Arquette is back for another season, and now has begun taking pre-orders for "Medium - The Complete Sixth Season" on DVD. This listing is prior to the official Paramount/CBS announcement of the title though, so instead of street date Amazon only says "This title has not yet been released. You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives." Pricing is available, however, at $57.99 SRP (you can of course, lock in your copy of at a discount if you order it using the link above). There are no other details available so far at Amazon's entry, nor is there cover art. Stay Tuned, though, and we'll update you further on this release, just as soon as we find out anything more.

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For those indecisive about buying the season 5 dvd or abroad like me, here's some detailed information on the special features. I'll place it under a cut, the Jake and Patricia interview sounds hilarious.

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There's another dvd review here, I get the impression the viewer isn't the biggest fan. Spinning off into a teen drama in season 5 - everyone is entitled to their opinion!

There's also a very short interview (1:30) with Jake and Patricia here. It's from the CBS TCA Press tour day, I think. And now I've got the Terrorvision song in my head!
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Out of all the “paranormal” series out there on mainstream television, I have to confess that I find Medium to be the one of the better entries. Inspired by a real-life psychic named Allison DuBois, Medium gives us an entirely fictional crime drama so that viewers don’t fall asleep repeatedly. Our heroine of the series, Allison (Patricia Arquette), is a very happily married woman with three girls in Phoenix, Arizona. Employed with the local District Attorney (Miguel Sandoval), Allison is frequently haunted by dreams and visions — usually regarding murder cases and kidnappings. And, while many people have their doubts over the real Allison’s abilities, the on-screen Allison always manages to come through for us.

Reviewer Makes Several Errors: 1): "CBS Dropped Medium and NBC Picked up"; 2) Says there is eighteen Episodes, not 19In season five, Allison’s daughters (Sofia Vassilieva, Maria Lark, and Miranda & Madison Carabello) begin to show either advanced or beginning signs of having inherited their mother’s psychic abilities. Meanwhile, her faithful hubby Joe (Jake Weber, who is excellent as always, but still needs to work on his American accent) is busy trying to get his start-up company off the ground.

Episodes range from the deadly serious to the extremely lighthearted (a hilarious episode in which Arquette switches bodies with guest star Jeffrey Tambor is practically on par with a big-screen comedy). Anjelica Huston returns from season four for an episode. The ever creepy David Morse shows up for a three-parter as an industrial tycoon who entices Allison to come work for him and share her dreams (“How To Make A Killing In Business”). And co-star David Cubitt still manages to do his best impersonation of Jason Statham, Vince Vaughn, and Jason Evers all at the same time (hey, it isn’t an easy thing to pull off).

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Two bits of information today.

First, the season 5 dvd will be available to buy (for all in the US anyway) on October 6th. The cover (I like this one a lot!) is under the cut. No details on special features yet. (I'd love to see commentaries on a couple of episodes, that may persuade me to get it for Christmas!) Source here.
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Also, for UK viewers. Medium season 5 will be airing on Living end of August/Early September. They've poached the rights from the BBC. Great if you have Sky, buggered if you don't! Now I feel less guilty about not being patient enough to wait. I can't say I'm overly surprised by the BBC's decision considering all the expenses furore and all the cost-cutting going on.

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Alrighty, then: Here are a List of Tags for the Community to use should they post any new information or fandom related material as the Falls rolls towards us. Please, Please, remember to use them. It would be an absolute waste if you didn't after all the hard work I went through to create these things. Also, be on the look out for a possible change in layout (from S1 to S2).

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[identity profile] has posted a little bit of info on the Season 2 DVD of Medium scheduled for release in October. Looks like we'll be getting some pretty good bonus features, including a pair of 3D glasses for the special 3D episode that aired.
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Season 1 of Medium will be out on DVD on May 30 according to :] The site also has coverart.
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Does anyone know if there is going to be a Box set coming out for Season 1?? Next week Looks awesome!!! Was anyone else Freaked out at the end of tonight episode?


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