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NBC will go down in history as a network that underestimated its creative talent and snubbed its viewers. NBC Universal head Jeff Zucker & co. created a cheap variety show in place of the high-quality scripted content that once made the network worth watching past 10 p.m. Now executives are facing one of the most massive trainwrecks in television history.

As in all trainwrecks and good TV drama, most of us can't look away. But maybe NBC and the rest of us should start shifting our gaze towards CBS, the network that still has faith in scripted content, to bring in viewers and deliver results. CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler recently told the press that the network took in more advertising revenue for its 10 p.m. dramas because NBC went the Jay Leno variety way. "Ten o'clock is a great business for us," she said.

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Chances are that you’ve noticed the Leno/Conan shenanigans going on at NBC over the past couple days. There are a host of interesting sides to that story, but as I sat down to watch the new Medium Friday night, one stood out. As executives try to hammer out a plan for what they’re going to do with the 10PM hour when they pull Leno, you know one of them had to think, “Damn, it sure would be nice to have Medium in our back pocket for mid-season.” The decision to cancel Medium was a curious one last spring, and it’s only looking worse as the season moves along. As the NBC suits watch Heroes fail to reach 5 million viewers, Medium just keeps cruising right along, steady as ever, even on Friday night. Of course, much of that is owed to the fact that the show is still very good, as we saw with quite a twist in the 2010 premiere.

It’s funny, but halfway through “An Everlasting Love” I was sure that Joe and Keith were going to be my favorite part of the show, thanks to their awkward and fumbling friendship. The case of the week certainly started out well enough, with an interesting spin on the classic “The call is coming from inside the house” bit. But it seemed to lose a little steam once Jeremy (Pablo Schreiber) was dead. Ah, but seemed is the operative word there. For a moment, it looked like clingy-boyfriend-Jeremy was going to serve as an annoyance to Allison, more than anything else. That all changed with the big reveal when Mandy (Jess Weixler) opened the hat box. I totally didn’t see that one coming.

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Kelsey Grammer and Melinda McGraw are currently starring in the new sitcom, Hank. But in addition to acting, Grammer has a growing list of producing credits. Included in that; Medium, which just made the switch from the NBC to the CBS network.

Medium has been on a roll gaining viewers each week since being repositioned right after Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights. Though it seems only logical that the time slot would be perfect for the supernatural series, it still took being dumped by NBC for CBS to give Medium a shot on their net. But Grammer is still grateful the CBS came to the rescue before the series was pronounced dead.

Click the cut for Kelsey Grammer’s insight as to why Medium was a natural fit for CBS.

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So let's get this straight. Last May, NBC renewed its freshman cop drama "Southland" for the fall season. The plan was to put it on at 9 p.m. Friday nights. Although "Southland" didn't draw huge numbers when it was on last spring, it had some critical buzz. The dark drama (I'm tired of the word "gritty") followed Los Angeles beat cops and was known for the way it bleeped out swear words to give the show an authentic feel. It sounds hokey but it actually sort of worked.

Anyway, at the same time the brain trust at NBC was deciding to keep "Southland" -- even though they knew it would move from a 10 p.m. time slot to the earlier 9 p.m. slot -- to make room for Jay Leno's prime-time invasion, it decided to cancel "Medium," a softer drama about a woman who solves crimes by talking to the dead. After NBC passed on "Medium," CBS pounced and grabbed it for its Friday night lineup.

This is why Thursday's decision to cancel "Southland" just weeks before its second season got started and substitute the news magazine "Dateline" is all the more confusing. NBC is spinning that the show was just too gritty hardscrabble for 9 p.m. (8 p.m. central and mountain) and indeed we reported over the summer that the network was concerned about the content in the earlier time slot.

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NBC is protesting CBS' move to start running repeats of "Medium" this summer. Peacock canceled the show in May, but per standard series licensing deals, still has exclusive primetime rights to the show until September, when the new season begins.

That's why it was unusual to see episodes of "Medium" creep onto the Eye early. Segs that originally ran on NBC this year are currently running Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on CBS. Eye execs likely believe they have the ability to start airing the show now that NBC has canceled it.

Insiders said NBC is demanding that the Eye reimburse it for the right to air those episodes. Both sides aren't commenting on the rift. The summer tussle is just the latest surrounding "Medium," which CBS will officially start airing on Friday nights this fall. Peacock had offered a 13-episode pickup for "Medium," but CBS TV Studios was looking for a full-season order.

When NBC wouldn't budge, the Eye moved the show to its own network. NBC, meanwhile, pointed to the show's low ratings in cutting it loose -- and CBS TV Studios shot back by sending out a press release denouncing the Peacock's move as "inexplicable."


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Alrighty, then: Here are a List of Tags for the Community to use should they post any new information or fandom related material as the Falls rolls towards us. Please, Please, remember to use them. It would be an absolute waste if you didn't after all the hard work I went through to create these things. Also, be on the look out for a possible change in layout (from S1 to S2).

!Mod Post
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On Monday night, NBC aired what it billed as the "finale" of Medium, the drama starring Patricia Arquette as a psychic crime solver and mother of three in Phoenix. When my partner and I saw that word "finale" in the teaser for Monday's episode, we nearly fainted. In the five years since its debut, Medium has become the only network show we watch without fail every week, and it's right in the middle of several long-term story arcs too juicy to be wrapped up in a single hour.

But, mercifully, NBC's teaser was misleading. What the peacock was too proud to add is that after a heated negotiation at last month's TV upfronts, the show was acquired by CBS, where it'll be airing on Friday nights starting in the fall, in between Ghost Whisperer and Numb3ers.

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JUNE 1-14th, 2009: HIGHLIGHTS
Medium (6/1) 10/9c, NBC

The Dubois Family can't seem to catch a break. First, a vengeful ghost took up residence in Allison's head. Then Ariel became hooked on anti-anxiety meds. Finally, Medium, was nearly canceled ---before it was offered a last-minute reprieve on CBS' 2009 Fall Lineup. The Trouble Continues in tonight's season 5's closer---the show's last episode on NBC--- When Allison (Patricia Arquette, left) has visions that Joe and kids wind up dead. "She has a dream set in the very near future," Reveals creator-exect producer, Glenn Gordon Caron.

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Jun 2, 2009, 10:15 AM | by Michael Slezak


Three cheers for CBS! If the Eye Net hadn't picked Medium off NBC's scrap heap and given it a sixth season -- it'll be paired with Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights next fall -- then the underrated psychic detective series would've ended its run with Emmy winner Patricia Arquette's Allison Dubois unconscious and unresponsive after suffering a stroke during brain surgery. (FYI: I put in a call to CBS Paramount to find out if an alternate ending was shot, just in case last night's episode had turned out to be a series finale. Check back this afternoon for an update.)

Still, the grim final scene -- Allison lying bandaged and comatose in a hospital bed -- was in keeping with the episode's less-than-upbeat mood.

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Nice try, NBC.

Those promos you made for next week's Medium finale subtly imply that after five years Medium is going off the air entirely. Of course, that's not true; Medium is really just moving to your competitor CBS after five years on NBC, having been banished from Leno-land because it supposedly doesn't generate enough 18-49 tweets or some such nonsense that totally disrespects an otherwise wonderful series.

If you've never watched Medium, the thing to know is that it's mostly about middle-class people living middle-of-the-road lives—oh, and the lead character happens to be a spiritual medium who communes with the dead.

Like Supernatural, Medium is a solid and innovative genre show that manages a wonderful balance between thrills, chills and gore, on one hand, and heartwarming family stuff on the other. It's not flashy, but it is a deeply creative enterprise and very rewarding for viewers.

So this is our thank-you blog post to and about Medium, and in an effort to be detailed and specific in our gratitude, we've made a list of what we appreciate about Medium.

Long story short, Medium should never have gotten semicanceled because no one talked about it! We can't change the past, but in hopes of providing Medium with a more secure future, here goes:

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May 21, 2009, 02:51 PM | by Jeremy Medina

Categories: 'Medium', Television

Medium_l Medium jumping ship to CBS makes so much sense it's scary. As CBS chief Nina Tassler suggested, the show is practically the spiritual lovechild to the Eye's own Ghost Whisperer* and Numb3rs. NBC offered the somewhat dubious reasoning that the network wants to go younger, and just didn't think people cared enough about Medium. Even though, you know, it gets higher ratings than Chuck. (Surprising, right? Chuck fans must be just very vocal. And also hungry.) With Medium switching networks, and folks rallying for My Name Is Earl to find a new home somewhere not run by Ben Silverman, loyalty seems to lie with the shows, not the networks. Of course, whether fans follow the Patricia Arquette whodunit to CBS remains to be seen, but I bet it'll be just as popular, if not more so.

Confession time: The only show I watch on CBS is The Amazing Race. That's all. I've caught a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, but have yet to fully commit. Yet, out of all the networks, CBS seems to be the most focused, offering procedurals, traditional sitcoms and reality shows for the masses. As Time magazine put it, the network's audience is "sometimes older, sometimes not, but generally more conservative in its taste." There's certainly nothing wrong with that. The network has some of the highest-rated shows on TV in The Mentalist, NCIS and CSI and its brood of stepchildren. But does liking CBS make you less cool? And, uh, boring?

PopWatchers: What is YOUR network? Given NBC's identity crisis and ABC's propensity to cancel shows in their first or second seasons, do you even hold any loyalty to one network in particular anymore? Which channel is home to most of your favorites? Sharing is caring, so speak up!

*I'm confused. How did "Medium" end up being Ghost Whisperer's Lovechild when it came first? Seriously?

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CBS certianly isn't one to wait for their newly aquired show to offically premiere on their channel, are they? Found this over at NBC's Message Board for Medium; It would seem that they've already set up a new Official Webpage for the five year old show. Nothing flashy as of yet (naturally), just a brief description and a list of the returning cast members. Official Website Here

Emmy© winner Patricia Arquette comes to CBS with MEDIUM, a chilling drama inspired by the real-life story of medium Allison DuBois. A young wife and mother, DuBois has the extraordinary, but terrifying, ability to talk to dead people, see the future in her dreams and read people's thoughts. Struggling to find a balance between this incredible calling and her family, she uses her psychic powers to solve horrifying crimes, never truly knowing whether this is a gift or a curse.
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You would think that when a TV show moves from one network to the other that the executive producer who runs it and the star would be the first ones to know.


But that's not really how the TV business works.
It wasn't until "Medium" show runner Glenn Gordon Caron ("Moonlighting" and "Now and Again") and actress Patricia Arquette arrived in New York City on Wednesday morning, after a red-eye flight, that they were told that their 5-year-old series had been rescued by CBS. Of course, they both had heard the rumors Tuesday that CBS was interested after NBC unceremoniously dumped the show about a psychic and her family, but they had no confirmation that their show was alive.
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--Maria Elena Fernandez source here
I ♥ the last few lines. I read elsewhere Patricia had been in Cannes for the festival, seemed they were as much in the dark as us!
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CBS & NBC Feud Over 'Medium' Win/Loss

Here's something you don't see every day: two networks spinning, spinning, spinning over the same primetime series renewal, and busy, busy, busy badmouthing each other because of it. I love a Hollywood pissing contest.

CBS right now is on the verge of scheduling Medium, which had been airing on NBC. "Medium is not ordered yet, but probably will be," a CBS insider tells me. "It's a show our Entertainment team has always liked and thinks is a good fit."

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Good news!

May. 20th, 2009 01:12 pm
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Hollywood Reporter is reporting that CBS has indeed picked up Medium!

The show will air Friday nights at 9 after Ghost Whisperer (which is kind of a neat pairing, if you ask me ;)).
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May 19, 2009, 06:45 PM | by Michael Slezak
Categories: 'Medium'
Mediumcbs_l The foolios at NBC have failed to pick up Patricia Arquette's psychic crime-solving drama Medium for a sixth season, but what else did you expect from a network that's handing over its Mon-Fri 10 p.m. hour to Jay Leno? Still, all hope is not lost! My colleague Michael Ausiello reports CBS is considering throwing a lifeline to one of TV's most underrated dramas. Aside from Arquette's Emmy-winning turn as Allison Dubois, here's five additional reasons the show deserves another season on a new network:

1) Joe and Allison DuBois are TV's best married couple. Seriously, network TV loves depicting married life as an endless cycle of bickering, resentment, and negotiations. But Medium, while never ignoring the workaday challenges faced by an average middle-class couple, also manages to depict the joys and comforts of a long-term relationship. Which is comforting, and almost quaint, in the 'Til Death/Rules of Engagement era.

2) Miranda Carabello (Marie Dubois) is currently challenging Maria Lark (Bridgette Dubois) for supremacy as cutest kid on the small screen. Anyone catch the recent episode in which Marie woke up with a nightmare about being dressed as a pea pod and forgetting her lines in the school play? Well, if you missed it, it's embedded after the jump. Sometimes, video is worth 1,000 words!

3) Jake Weber still needs his Emmy nomination! Dude got shortlisted last year, and while it'd be great if he makes the cut in 2009, I'm worried he'll get shafted in favor of William Shatner (again!).

4) Weekly scares are fun for the whole family! How many shows on your DVR roster consistently leave you clutching your pillow all scurrr'd-like? (Aside from some of those VH1 reality shows?) With Medium, you get an elevated heart rate without ever leaving the couch!

5) Medium is like a creepy, well-written, modern-day Love Boat for TV guest stars. Season 5 alone has found nifty roles for everyone from Jeffrey Tambor to Blythe Danner to James Van Der Beek to Emily Bergl. Support working actors, CBS, and give Medium its sixth season!

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according to here, CBS is going to pick it up. If it doesn't there's no more Medium, no more Dubois family and the prospect of that makes me quite sad. Anyway, I was thinking about a Save Medium campaign, even if it's just an LJ community. (I need my weekly fix of Joe Dubois!) I figure it can't hurt, any internet-savvy people want to assist me?! I was trying to set up a site on google (it isn't public yet because I haven't a clue what I'm doing. or maybe a wordpress blog. I mean it probably won't make any difference, being vocal seems to have helped Chuck..There's a rumour going round that Chuck saved over Medium because the fans wanted it more.

If I must quote Ben Silverman...

"A couple of our shows were aging as we were getting younger," "And the demand for Chuck that came from online and the advertising base made us have to pick up that show. The other shows, there was not that kind of attention or energy."

So Medium's loyal fanbase got shafted just because of that or buy Subway sandwiches. As an international viewer, I don't make any difference to ratings but I'm still annoyed. It's one of the few shows I watch regularly.

Comment away here or here, show your Medium love!

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NBC may have canceled 'Medium,' but the show's producer, CBS Television Studios, is not ready to pull the plug just yet. Insiders say that corporate sibling CBS may pick up the show, and EW speculates it could be paired with Friday-night hit "Ghost Whisperer."

But either way, the studio is not happy, releasing the following statement Tuesday morning: "NBC's cancellation of 'Medium' is inexplicable to us."

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"Medium" could be on the move.

Negotiations between NBC and CBS Television Studios are said to be at an impasse, leading to informed speculation that the show could be headed to the CBS Television Network.

NBC had been looking to bring back "Medium," but with a deal similar to what the network negotiated last year: A firm 13-episode pickup with an option to expand the order to 22 episodes later in the season. That's the deal NBC brokered with CBS' studio arm last year; the network eventually increased its commitment to a full season.

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News: Page (1) of 1 - 05/03/09
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - NBC has renewed paranormal crime drama "Medium," sources said.

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